Fischer Larson Powell Business Debt Settlement

Our Process

Negotiating Team
An effective, highly trained team of professional account executives, whose job is to negotiate and manage the debt reduction process, has over 25 years of experience. They are committed to helping financially stressed companies improve their chance of a successful business turnaround, improved cash flow, and a significant reduction of their accounts payable. This experience and professional approach has proven to be very beneficial resulting in debt consolidation by achieving settlements with a large number of creditors and their representatives. This also gives us a major advantage with creditors, collection agencies, and attorneys we work with repeatedly.

Vendor Debt (Creditors or their in-house collectors)
Collection Agencies
Commercial Property Leases
Legal Fees
Lawsuits - Pending Suits filed against your company that will need attorney engagement
Judgments - Plaintiff has been granted a judgment by the court against your company, and potentially, you personally
Delinquent third party medical claims
Diagnostic Equipment (CScan-MRI-PetScan)
Business Credit Cards
Equipment Leases
Dedicated To Service:
Fischer, Larson, & Powell is available to provide immediate assistance towards out clients' claims, answer any questions and update you on our progress of claims assigned. A telephone interview will be conducted to verify information regarding your company's financial condition and review the assigned claims. Our office has an experienced, well-trained staff waiting to provide the highest possible level of service to clients. We strive to provide excellence in service, credibility and accountability while ensuring a timely, professional response to all creditors and their representatives.
A Pro-Active Approach:
Fischer, Larson, & Powell will contact your creditors, collection agencies or attorney representatives that are assigned to the collection of your delinquent debt. Our clients receive immediate relief from creditors and their pressure for payment. You will divert telephone calls to Fischer, Larson, & Powell. This will allow you more time to build your business uninterrupted by collection calls.
Our team offers the highest level of confidentiality when handling sensitive information about your company. Information obtained for negotiating purposes will be provided to the Account Executive. The disclosure of sensitive information is discussed with the client prior to any disclosures.
Client Protection:
All signed settlement documents are presented to the client for approval prior to acceptance. Settlement documents on litigation claims are reviewed by the Managing Partner and CEO Peter Fischer, to assure the language incorporated into the agreement fully reflects the agreed terms.
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