Fischer Larson Powell Business Debt Settlement

25 years of successful business debt negotiations
Quick ~ Effective ~ Affordable

Fischer, Larson & Powell provides a service to corporations and small businesses that are unable to meet all or a portion of their current financial obligations.

For the past 25 years, Fischer, Larson, & Powell
have averaged a 98% success rate in negotiating a reduction and settlement of our client's debt.

Our firm is a" No Result, No Fee" firm. Our settlement fees are based on a small percentage of the savings to our client, so we have an incentive to achieve the greatest reduction possible.

Fischer, Larson, & Powell acts as a third-party intervention to facilitate a new line of communication between debtors and creditors. The resulting solutions are extremely attractive to business owners, when offered on a results-oriented basis.

Fischer, Larson, & Powell is a viable solution for a business to solve their delinquent debt, return to a profitable financial status, and avoid bankruptcy. We have helped thousands of companies of all sizes strengthen their working capital.

Fischer, Larson, & Powell will assist you every step of the way while resolving your business debt.